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Penis Enlargement


A Recent US Survey Revealed that 85% of Women are Unsatisfied with their Sexual Partners.


Of Course the majority of these women would never dream of telling their partners. The good news is however, that it is now possible to safely enlarge your penis. Fitnessdiethealth have researched this issue & are delighted to reccommend two alternative methods for penis enlargement.                 

#1 Penis Enlargement Method  MASSIVE MEMBER 10/10 $49.99

#2 Penis Enlargement Method    PENIS VIDEO   9/10 $59.99



MASSIVE MEMBER Penis Enlargement program is 100% all-natural and was recently voted the # 1 Male Enhancement Website by "Men's Fitness". It is a penis enlargement exercise program involving no devices, pills or creams. The Program involves a series of "work outs" which you can conduct in the comfort of your own home.

There are clear instructions including pictures on several different penis enlargement techniques to increase both length and girth. Once you have mastered the basic exercises then there are 3 work outs ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, 5 days a week. Which Penis Enlargement work out you choose will depend upon your goals. The program makers claim that you could gain up to 4 inches in length & an increase of up to 28% in girth. The work out can be customised to suit your particular circumstances. The program also claims to provide stronger erections & more intense orgasms.

The website also has useful sections on becoming a better lover including sexual techniques & lots more. Upon purchasing the MASSIVE MEMBER penis enlargement program you will receive an e mail with your login details for the website where you will find all the info you need. There are also several other related sections including how to improve your sexual technique & much more. There are lots of testimonials from satisfied customers & a 6 month money back guarantee. Fitnessdiethealth give this penis enlargement program 10/10


PENIS VIDEO penis enlargement program is very similar to the massive member program in that it involves an all natural method using exercises to increase the length & girth of your penis. The main difference is that the instructions are in video format. The penis enlargement program takes up to 15 mins per day 5 days a week & can again be tailor made to meet the goals of the individual. There are also supplemental exercises and informational sections for becoming a better lover, correcting curvature, strengthening erections, ending premature ejaculation, enhancing fertility and intensifying orgasms. PENIS VIDEO penis enlargement program claim to have over 150,000 satisfied members & provide many testimonials on the website. The website claims that you could gain up to 3 inches in length. There is also a money back guarantee. At $10 more than the Massive Member penis enlargement program it is still value for money although due to this price we give it a 9/10.

Fitnessdiethealth reccommend the two programs above because they are natural methods that do not involve pills, creams or devices using weights or traction. Both Penis Enlargement Programs can be purchased online & give you access to the exercise instructions on the website. This means that you can be up and running in minutes & there is no need to wait for brown paper parcels in the post !

Some of you may be considering cosmetic surgery for penis enlargement however please consider this advice given by the respected UK NHS (National Health Service);

Surgical options

There are two main surgical techniques for penis enlargement. The first technique is designed to increase the girth (width) of the penis. This involves injecting fat taken from another part of your body, into your penis. Sometimes, silicone is used instead of fat. The surgery usually results in an increase of around 1.6 inches (4 cm) to the girth of the penis.

The second technique is designed to increase the length of the penis. The ligaments inside the penis are cut, stretched, and then placed back into position. The surgery usually results in an increase of around 1 inch (2.5cm) to the length of the penis.

Studies have shown that men who have undergone surgery to increase the girth of the penis tend to be happy with the results. But a large majority of men who underwent surgery to increase the length of their penis were unhappy with the results.

Neither technique has been proven to be safe in the long-run. Many men have reported complications such as:

  • infection,
  • loss of sensation in the penis,
  • persistent pain,
  • incontinence and,
  • impotence (the inability to get or maintain an erection).

Most reputable plastic surgeons will refuse to carry out penis enlargement surgery unless there is a clear clinical need.

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to receive penis enlargement surgery on the NHS. The average cost of penis enlargement surgery is in the region of £4,000 to £7,000. ( $6000 to $10500 US )

In light of this please check out the websites for our Top 2 Penis Enlargement Systems. MASSIVE MEMBER  PENIS VIDEO



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